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Tubal Ligation Surgery in Brooklyn, NY

Tubal Ligation and Ovarian Cancer

Tubal LigationáSurgery Brooklyn

In our surgical center, we remove the fallopian tubes entirely, and this has highly desirable effects for our patients. Recent clinical studies have yielded a milestone breakthrough in the modern understanding of ovarian cancer. These studies have shown that 75% of ovarian cancer cases and 90% of ovarian cancer related deaths originate not directly from the ovaries, but from the fallopian tubes. Thus, the removal of the fallopian tubes leads to a dramatic reduction in the incidence and mortality of ovarian cancer, even in patients with hereditary predispositions to it.

As a result of these studies of the beneficial effect of removing the fallopian tubes, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has recommended the removal of the fallopian tubes as a general standard of care for OB/GYN patients who desire permanent contraception, or who have decided to undergo a gynecological procedure and have completed their childbearing potential.

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