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Vaginal Rejuvenation Brooklyn

During vaginal birth, the head of the baby, passing through the vaginal canal, stretches and can tear the tissue of the vagina. This happens to a different degree in each patient, and is determined by many variables: the duration of labor, the size and position of the baby during birth, and certain genetically derived factors on the mother’s end.

Specifically, some women have tissue which is elastic and stretchable, but unfortunately some women’s tissue is inelastic, and it can tear and deform permanently during birth. Especially if these women have several deliveries, they can end up with vaginal walls which are stretched, torn, and potentially prolapsing out of the vagina.

This creates significant problems, such as stress incontinence, constipation, and most frequently, due to stretching of the vaginal muscles as well, their sexual life is affected severely and very negatively.

What is Vaginal Reconstruction?

Kegel exercises and other treatments are not always 100% effective at solving this problem, and women who are left in this situation can often have their quality of life substantially reduced. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution for this problem, called Vaginal Reconstruction.

Vaginal Reconstruction is performed through a procedure known as Anterior-Posterior Repair (Colporrhaphy), which, through years of careful honing and subtle modification by Dr. Shifrin, is directed toward resolving the anatomical and physiological problems related to the walls of the vagina.

Our expert surgeons, including Dr. Shifrin, can completely restore the anatomy of the vagina and dramatically improve the quality of life for any patient suffering from the problems caused by inelastic vaginal tissue.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure and Recovery

Vaginal rejuvenation procedure can typically be performed in one hour, patients can go home on the same day, and can typically return to normal activities within a week, their confidence and quality of life restored!

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